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Available for download:

Start-Up Guide:
File Description Type Size
StartUp Guide Installation notes PDF 162 kB
Appendix B Power supply wiring and header pinning PDF 71 kB
Appendix E Menu structure PDF 42 kB

Najda Control Application:
File Description Type Size
Najda Under Control V.1.1.2 (Windows Build) EXE 4.2 MB
NUC Software Manual Reference Manual for V.1.1.0 PDF 1.1 MB

Mechanical files:
File Description Type Size
Appendix A Board sizes and mounting holes PDF 69 kB
Appendix C Rear panel layout PDF 62 kB
Appendix D Rear panel template PDF 30 kB
NajdaBack.fpd Rear panel 1U example, PCB height 6.5 mm FPD (Front Panel Designer) 3 kB
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