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Najda Overview

Najda is a multi-purpose stereo applications electronic board designed to sit at the heart of custom sound systems, between sources and amplifiers.
Najda indeed is both a multi-way DSP filtering processor, and also a complete interfacing solution providing the same comfort of use one would expect from a modern integrated system - but in your custom package.

Najda as a multi-way processor

Najda Signal Path

Najda takes on its input an analogue stereo signal or a digital one - it can be SPDIF coaxial, SPDIF optical or merely I2S. The latter suits particularly well to a USB to I2S converter. Digital signals pass through the onboard sample rate converter so that there's no need worrying about the source's sampling rate.

Outputs are available in various forms too. 8 unbalanced analogue outputs, with analogue volume and configurable level, let you feed immediately 8 power amps in order to build any system as large as 2x4 ways. If you have special requirements - for example you'd like balanced outputs - then you can connect your own DACs to the 10 SPDIF outs and achieve a 2x5 ways system. Additionally, another 3 pairs of signals with free routing are available as I2S.

In between is the dual-core DSP, which implements on 10 processing channels a wide range of algorithms useful for multi-way speaker management. Please refer to the software section to read more about the available algorithms. Internal DSP sampling rate is user selectable and can be any of 48, 96 and 192 kHz.

Najda as a complete interfacing solution

Najda Overwiew

In order to integrate Najda into his system, the user needs to provide:

In return, the user is being given the comfort of a modern system interface in a custom package. Commands that Najda understands - via keypad or IR remote controller - are various and include of course volume change and input source select, but also tone control and balance adjusts as well as filtering preset recall. Full operating status is presented on the LCD display.

As many as 9 filtering presets can be stored in Najda's non-volatile memory and recalled from the fingertip, in order to ease A/B comparisons between several filtering strategies or simply to enable different filtering options adapted to the content.

Najda boasts a Learn function that allows setting the remote controller behaviour in less than a minute.

More details on commands available can be found in the documentation.

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