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Najda Hardware Revision V1.2

WAF is very proud to introduce the new revision of the Najda audio board. Fully compatible and building on the success of the previous version, the new Najda features a distinctive black look, a revisited layout, a much improved silkscreen as well as higher grade components.

Najda board

Designed to sit at the heart of active stereo sound systems, between source and amplification, Najda acts as both a multi-way filtering processor and a source preamp.

Combining a sample rate converter with versatile inputs and outputs (analogue, SPDIF, I2S), Najda interacts with virtually any equipment and understands all stereo formats.

The powerful dual-core DSP takes charge of a wide range of processing features (FIR/IIR filters, gains, delays up to 192 kHz natively) meanwhile a dedicated processor manages user interface peripherals (display, IR remote sensor, keypad) in order to achieve maximum operating comfort.

The Najda comes with a complete software package allowing real-time adjustments via the USB port of your computer.

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